mountebank - over the wire test doubles

the apothecary


At the moment, the smtp imposters only support mock verification. Stubbing support will come as soon as someone describes it as being worth the time to develop. mountebank expects stub responses will be acceptance or rejection of the message.

Imposter Creation Parameters

Parameter Options Required? Default Description
protocol smtp Yes N/A  
port Any valid port number No A randomly assigned port. mountebank will return the actual value in the POST response. The port to run the imposter on.
name Any string No empty string Included in the logs, useful when multiple imposters are set up.
recordRequests true or false No false Adds mock verification support by remembering the requests made to this imposter. Note that this represents a memory leak for any long running mb process, as requests are never forgotten.

SMTP Requests

Field Description Type
requestFrom The client socket, primarily used for logging and debugging. mountebank currently is unable to get the client port, but may fix that in the near future. string
envelopeFrom The from address sent in the MAIL command, used as the return address for bounces. Many client SMTP APIs do not expose this field, and keep it the same as the from field. string
envelopeTo The address sent using the RCPT command. Many client SMTP APIs hide this field, deriving it from the to, cc, and bcc fields. string
from The sender of the message (sent in the DATA command). string
to The recipients of the message (sent in the DATA command). array
cc The CC recipients of the message array
bcc The BCC recipients of the message array
subject The subject of the message array
priority The priority of the message string
references The references of the message array
inReplyTo The in reply to of the message array
text The text-only message string
html The html message string
attachments The message attachments array