mountebank - over the wire test doubles

the apothecary


mountebank is sorry you are running into errors. To help you diagnose the problem, he has listed the API error codes below. Feel free to ask for help if you get stuck.

Error code Description
bad data A general validation error. Something in the input is invalid.
invalid injection You are using the inject operator, either as a predicate or response type. Perhaps you have not run mb with the --allowInjection flag, or perhaps there is an error in the JavaScript you are injecting. Consider using the node.js console or mountebank logger objects to help debug the problem.
resource conflict You have specified a port already in use by another application. Try killing the other application, or use a different port for the imposter.
insufficient access You have requested an imposter port that the user running mb is not authorized to provide. Either request a different port, or run mb as sudo.
invalid proxy You have configured a proxy response type with an invalid address, or the server has refused the connection. Double check the DNS name or IP address, and double check the port. If mb is running on a different network than you are, does he have the same connectivity to the proxy that you do?
no such resource A 404 error code. Probably, you are attempting to access an imposter that has not been created yet. Try POSTing to /imposters first?
invalid JSON You have sent a request body, but mountebank is unable to parse it.