mountebank - over the wire test doubles

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mountebank is happy to provide you with the following changes in v1.1.36

Better Windows Support

The mountebank build is now fully Windows compatible, and with a couple of minor exceptions that require the use of Unix tools, the same set of tests that run on Mac and Linux now run on Windows as well. The mb stop and mb restart commands now work on Windows as well as other platforms. Additionally, the Content-Type header is now defaulted to application/json on Windows as it previously was on other platforms.

New Features

Bug Fixes

Many thanks to Manoj Mahalingam for help with this release.


  npm install -g mountebank@1.1.36 --production


Option node.js required? sudo required? links Description
Self-contained archives No No Simply unpack and run mb from inside
OS-specific packages No Yes Puts mb at /usr/local/bin, which is generally in the PATH.
source tarball Yes No source tarball if you roll that way.