mountebank - over the wire test doubles

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the apothecary


As this UI is horrible incomplete, you may want to check out the one created by Don Henton.

This page is under construction. mountebank intends to drop the current implementation - essentially jquery soup - in favor of a single page app. However, mountebank has some pressing time commitments elsewhere at the moment. If you would like to help, mountebank promises you his undying gratitude...

mountebank is a man of few words, preferring demonstrations to oration. For those who wish to learn the API by example, you've come to the right place. Create an imposter below, and let mountebank build the API call for you. It all starts with the green plus sign.

This page is hosted on heroku, and while it will accept imposter creation requests, the ports that the imposters bind to are not exposed to the outside world. However, running mb will spin up this website locally, and you should feel free to learn the API through the UI.

  name protocol port # requests



An imposter represents a test double listening to a specific protocol on a specific port. By default, imposters will record all requests to them, allowing you to verify certain calls were made.

defines how mountebank responds to requests
mountebank will choose one for you if you leave it blank
optional - shows up in the logs and table on this page


A stub tells the imposter how to respond when the request meets certain conditions.

index predicates responses
[ ]
[ ]
the request field - see the protocol docs
the predicate value
the request field - see the protocol docs
the predicate value, base64 encoded if the mode is binary