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Installation Options

mountebank knows first-hand how frustrating it is to be working in .NET and have to fiddle with a JDK just to get a testing library working, and the hassle of setting up ruby in your build pipeline to compile CSS even though you're on a Java project. mountebank wants you to be happy, and therefore he supports the following hassle-free installation options, which he assures you just work.

Option node.js required? sudo required? links Description
Docker image No No Docker hub Can run with a command like docker run --rm -p 2525:2525 -p 8080:8080 mountebank:2.4.0 mb start --configfile imposters.ejs
Self-contained archives No No Simply unpack and run mb from inside. See below for Windows constraints.
OS-specific packages No Yes Puts mb at /usr/local/bin, which is generally in the PATH.
source tarball Yes No source tarball if you roll that way.

Running as a system daemon

You can also configure mountebank to run as a unix system daemon. A sample ansible playbook and systemd configuration file is available here (Tested on RHEL7 and Centos7).

Windows path limitations

*mountebank wishes very much for your Windows experience to be hassle-free, but he is simply not qualified to address a particular constraint of Windows Explorer. For legacy reasons, some Windows applications, including most notably Windows Explorer, have a maximum number of characters allowed in a path of 260 characters. As mountebank writes these words, the longest path he includes in the zip files is around 175 characters. The zip file name, which is likely to represent itself as two nested directories if you use the defaults to unzip it, will be around 25 characters. That gives you very little wiggle room. If you unzip the file in your users directory, you may very likely get an error because of this constraint.

The following solutions will all work: